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Developing DEI Champions in the Organisation: Sustaining the Drive

Why should I attend?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Champions are volunteers who embrace and act upon their organisation’s DEI initiatives. Given the effort and passion these volunteers possess, DEI goals and initiatives can only be met by the acknowledgment, understanding, and acceptance of employees at every level. However, sustaining an organisation's initiatives shouldn't only count on the passion and willingness of a few volunteers. 


No matter where your organisation is at in your DEI journey, maintaining the drive of DEI Champions in the organisation is crucial to an organisation’s overall success. Organisations that continue to seek ways to become a more inclusive workplace perform better. Growing your DEI Champion’s skill sets, listening to their feedback, and providing them a voice throughout the organisation sustains DEI work in organisations.

What will the webinar will cover:

  • What are DEI Champions? A definition of the role they play.
  • Who can be DEI Champions? 
  • What can DEI Champions do?
  • How can we develop DEI Champions as an organisation?
  • The importance of sustaining DEI as a business imperative, beyond the training and policies. 

Who should attend:

  • DEI and HR leaders in responsible for DEI in their organisation.
  • DEI champions who may not have direct DEI responsibilities within the organisation.
  • Anyone interested in fostering DEI in their organisations.

When is the webinar?

31st May 2022, 5-6pm SGT

Where will the webinar be held?

On Zoom

How much does it cost?


Our awesome features

Who is speaking?

Our guest expert is Ng Mui Hwa who has more than 20 years of facilitation and training experience as a Leadership Development Consultant. Her repertoire covers a range of executive leadership development programmes - Cross Cultural Competency, Cultural Diversity, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Team Effectiveness. To date she has developed and facilitated talent development programmes, given public talks and coached over 10,000 executives of Fortune 100 MNCs across the world. Her passion and expertise in Inclusion and Diversity led to her co pioneering the development of the initial Fair Employment Practice workshops for Singapore’s TAFEP (Tripartite Association of the Fair Employment Practices), a national agency promoting fair inclusion in SMEs in Singapore. Her authenticity, ability to connect with diverse audiences as well as her high energy have been inspiring to senior and middle management participants alike.

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