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Employees in Singapore and across Asia increasingly expect organisations to be inclusive to women, racial minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups. But leaders face hurdles when trying to lead inclusively without resources fit for local context. Inclusion means creating a work environment where diverse perspectives, backgrounds and capabilities are valued and encouraged. Inclusive organisations empower all team members to be curious, take risks and learn from mistakes. Equity, safety and respect are paramount for teams to operate effectively and inclusively.

Any organisation, regardless of size, commercial or not-for-profit, that is registered and operating can sign the pledge.

No, the pledge can be signed whenever your organisation is ready. Your pledge will be valid from the date of signing until the end of the calendar year. Pledges will be subject to renewal annually for subsequent years.

The pledge is intended for the Asia-Pacific region with Singapore as a starting point due to its position as a regional hub. Pledge signatories have an opportunity to shape the regional expansion of the program outside of Singapore in 2023.

Here are three tips: 1. Secure Leadership Buy-In: Ideally, one or more of your organisation’s executives should sponsor your participation in the pledge. If you are opting into the implementation programmes and/or outreach tools, schedule regular updates with your leaders to review results, discuss feedback and ensure the outcomes guide future actions at your organisation. 2. Get organised: It’s a good idea for you to form an inclusion task force, committee or council within your organisation who can provide strategic input, mobilise cross-functional collaboration and disseminate findings as you progress with the pledge activities. 3. Set SMART goals: It is common for the initial steps of the inclusion journey to be undertaken by volunteers within your organisation. This means that volunteer work will be done on top of their regular duties. Help everyone involved by defining who does what, when and how through specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals. Have a discussion with your leaders about how the volunteer time will be recognised.

To make your approval process easier, download and share the Stakeholder Information Kit that's included with every Starter Pack. There's no obligation to sign. Our team will happily answer any questions that arise.

After making the initial pledge your organisation has the option of participating in an implementation programme designed to help you fulfil your pledge while reaping direct business outcomes. The programme includes activities to support your organisation at every step of the inclusion journey - from foundational activities to more advanced work. Monthly webinars will complement your journey giving you access to expert advice and opportunities for your questions to be answered. If your company is prioritising employer marketing there are tools to help you reach pools of previously untapped prospects.

Your pledge and membership data is stored securely using Airtable, Google Workspace, Softr and other cloud based platforms. You have final approval over any data to be published and distributed through the pledge programme website, if any. No data is published without your permission. Published data is periodically distributed to the public through social media and directed to community organisations who have access to pools of underrepresented talent and diverse suppliers. More information in our Privacy Policy.

The Professional Pack is ideal for leaders who need to diagnose their organisation, strengthen employee branding and marketing. The supplier diversity and inclusion activities are in the pipeline for the Professional Pack.

The Professional Plus Pack is ideal for leaders who need to diagnose their organisation, strengthen employee branding and marketing while building their internal workplace inclusion capabilities. Professional Plus Pack holders will also have access to the Inclusive Careers Lab that enables you to market your organisation as an inclusive employer and help your hiring managers build a pipeline of prospects for future open roles. By opting for the Professional Plus Pack your organisation will have access to a step-by-step pledge implementation roadmap, with guidebooks and monthly webinars plus a community of experts and peers to support you on your journey. Phase One of the implementation roadmap will be focussed on supporting members to build momentum, complete their chosen activities and show evidence of their progress. You will have full control over the data you submit. All data held privately and confidentially, you have control over what is made public about your progress. Scoring of progress, industry comparisons and customised feedback will be introduced in Phase 2 of the program, once a critical mass of annual member data has been established. Phase 2 is currently scheduled for roll out in 2023.


Yes. Provisions have been made within the pledge for organisations operating in the social and charity sectors.

In the spirit of inclusion, non-registered social groups are invited to use Starter Pack and take the pledge. However, the Professional Packs and the Professional Plus Packs are limited to registered organisations.

Send a message via our Chatbox. You will receive a response from our team within 24-hours.

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