The Inclusive Business Pledge is underpinned by surveys with over 500 LGBTQ, persons with disabilities and minority women respondents plus interviews with over 1000 Asian business leaders. AWARE, Pink Fest and Disabled People’s Association have been partners in the pledge's evolution. In 2018-2019, over 100 companies signed the Inclusive Business Pledge including J&J, HSBC, Sephora and many small-medium enterprises. The pledge is operated by Inclusively, a social enterprise dedicated to social equity for diverse underrepresented groups in Singapore and across Asia by promoting inclusive employment and business practices. Inclusively evolved from Be Inclusive and its participation in Singtel Future Makers social enterprise accelerator in 2018. Inclusively is currently organising partners of Pink Fest 2022. We are running the Inclusive Careers Lab, which debuted in 2021.

The Team

Laurindo Garcia (he/him)

Laurindo founded the Inclusive Business Pledge in 2018 after over 20 years working as creative producer, technologist and social entrepreneur in the Asia-Pacific region. Founders, corporate executives, school teachers and community advocates have engaged Laurindo to provide strategic advisory, coach senior executives, design and facilitate workshops and produce immersive social engagement experiences. Highlights in Laurindo's career include building an internet radio station for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, delivering speeches at the U.N and sharing stages with U.S presidents and Nobel Prize winners. He is an elected fellow of Ashoka, Salzburg Global Seminar and the Centre for Big Synergies. Laurindo also serves as a consultant for inclusion strategy at Netflix.

Meida Surya (she/hers)
Inclusion and Diversity Manager

Meida is currently an Inclusion and Diversity Manager at Inclusively Asia. She aims to provide intentional and impactful support for organizations wanting to engage in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work in the APAC region. She has a Master's in Human Resource Development and has a Learning and Development & Organizational Development background. She has been in the DEI sphere for about 3 years, starting with championing inclusion causes at a fast-growing fintech start-up. She believes in a 'thinking global and acting local' mindset. Meida is part of the Leadership Team at Asian Leaders Alliance, a cross-company global Asian-ERG coalition that aims to enhance the Asian community in global organisations by providing resources and support to DEI champions within organisations. Meida is passionate about championing for mental health and racial justice with an intersectional lens. She is involved with a number of community and non-profit organizations such as Mental ACT Singapore, Dear Asian Youth, IDEAS Generation, and Asian American Justice and Innovation Lab.

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